Price List


Prices for dog grooming depend on a number of factors including: where you live (the distance I have to travel), the condition of your dogs coat, what style/cut you want and how your dog behaves.


Grooming includes a brush and comb through, bath, dry, trim/clip as required & nail clippng.


The prices below are a guide and are based on a dog in a regular 6 - 8 week schedule with a well maintained coat, if your dog is not listed then please do get in touch via the contact page, thank you.


Please note: I do not de mat dogs.


Border Terrier - Clip - £35, Handstrip - £40

Cairne Terrier - Clip - £35, Handstrip - £40

Cocker Spaniel - working type £35, Show or pet type £40


Collie - Short coat £35, Long coat £45


German Shephard - Short coat £35, Long coat £50


Golden Retriever £45


Labrador retriever £30


Cross Breeds - I can't give an accurate price until I have seen your dog as their sizes can vary so much.


Llasa Apso / Shih tzu - Clip off £35 / Teddy cut £40

Miniature Schnauzer £35


Poodle - Toy £38, Miniature £42, Standard £70


Springer Spaniel £40

Tibetan Terrier £45


West Highland White £40

Yorkshire Terrier £35

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