Salon Services


It is important that grooming is a regular occurance within your dogs life.  It doesn't just need doing when your dog needs a hair cut!


Your dog will recieve a health check during their grooming session.  We will note any abnormalities that need further consultation from your vet.  Your dogs eyes and ears will be cleaned as necessary.  Their nails will be trimmed if required which will ensure that your dog is able to walk correctly and pain free.


Dead hair, knots and matting in your dogs coat is uncomfortable for them and also affects their ability to keep warm and cool.  Bathing the coat doesn't just make them smell nice, which is an obvious advantage, it also removes dirt and debris which can irritate the skin.


We all like to be clean, i'm sure our dogs appreciate it too!  They will certainly appreciate the health benefits.


A dog that is used to the grooming process is usually much more accepting of the process and less stressed.

Full Grooms (suggested every 4-8 weeks)


Brush out, bath, dry and whatever styling is suitable for your dog and you.  Styling can be in the form of clipping, scissoring or handstripping. 


Please ask to see my portfolio to see what styles you can have done.  Also includes eye/ear clean and nail trimming as necessary.


Interim or Bath only Grooms (Suggested

every 2-4 weeks)


If you struggle to maintain your dog between grooms or simply want your pooch to smell lovely again between styling we offer bath only appointments at a reduced rate to full grooms. 


We will also include eye/ear clean and nail trimming as necessary.



Puppy Introductions


Please get your pups used to grooming from a young age.  As soon as they are vaccinated they can come and see me!  


Getting a good grooming eductaion will make them much happier when they're adults too.


Puppy's up to the age of 4 months are charged at a reduced rate.

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